Thursday, October 21, 2010

How to make a Group (new/existing) visible to all user irrespective of Personalize Workplace option

What if all the user wants to see a common group (say Marketing) in Workplace? Need to check it in Personalize Workplace for all users?

Come lets try this.

1. Export Sitemap (Settings --> Customization --> Export Customizations --> Site Map --> Export Selected Customizations)

2. Open Sitemap XML and search for the below tag in Workplace (Area Id="Workplace")

3. Remove IsProfile="true" form the above tag

4. Save the file and import into CRM (Settings --> Customization --> Import Customizations --> Select customixation file --> Upload --> Import Selected Customization)

5. Refresh the screen and Marketing will be visible to all users irrespective of Personalize workplace option.

NOTE : Marketing checkbox will no more be available in Personalize Workplace --> Worplace

1 comment:

  1. can't we have it in a way that marketing is selected by default and if the user does not wishes to see it, he can simply go to options and remove the checkbox selection