Tuesday, October 29, 2013

CRM 2013 Access Team Template : MaxEntitiesEnabledForAutoCreatedAccessTeams

Access Team Template is one of the coolest feature in CRM 2013. You can enable 'Access Teams' for any of the entity under entity customization.

Do you know to how many entities by default CRM allows you to enable 'Access Teams'CRM 2013 by default allows you to enable Access Teams for 5 of the entities. When you try to enable access teams for more than 5 entities, it prevents user with error message "You have exceeded the number of entities that you can enable for access teams".

MaxEntitiesEnabledForAutoCreatedAccessTeams column name in deployment setting holds the default value. The default value is 5. It can be changed via SDK code\PowerShell code.


  1. Does it have any consequence or significant impact, if we enable this change. For example I want to change it 8

  2. Must not have any significant impact. You may want to look for any performance impact and change value accordingly. Purely on trial and error basis.