Monday, October 14, 2013

CRM 2013 Activities Quick Create - "The Odd Man Out"

The “Quick Create” form is accessible by clicking on the Create button on the new navigation bar which lives at the top of the screen. This allows users to quickly create records for the core entity types from anywhere in the system.
This form can also be accessed when working with lookup fields. For example, if you select the New option on the Primary Contact field of the Account form, the Contact Quick Create form will drop-down from the top of the screen.

Activities (Task, Phone Call, Email, Appointment, and so on..) are the only 'Odd Man Out'. Even though 'Activities' entity have the option to create 'Quick Create' forms, it  open up the main form while 'Quick Create' button is clicked.

Note : This applies for custom activities (entities) also. Hopefully this will be available in upcoming roll-ups.

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