Wednesday, October 9, 2013

CRM 2013 - Stage Category (Process Stage)

Today there was a discussion with my CRM friends on the topic of 'Stage Category' (Process Stage) shown in 'Business Process'. 

Some of the most commonly asked question was 
  • What are Stage Categories used for ?
  • Is it possible to add new Stage Categories ?
  • Is it possible to rename exiting Stage Categories ?

Thought I would share details on one question that was repeatedly asked as it would benefit someone else too.

"Stage Categories are generally reporting category fir every stage defined as per business needs

"Stage Category shown within Business Process is a CRM Global Option Set (Picklist) and can be customized as like other option set's."

You can have as many as needed values for the existing Stage Category Option Set that is associated to Business Process, but you cannot create and associate new Option Set to a business process.


  1. Do you know where is the data save for this option set?

  2. As like other Option Sets, 'Sales Category' option set data is also stored in StringMap table. The attribute name is 'stagecategory'

    SQL Query:
    Select * from StringMap where Attribute name = 'stagecategory'