Thursday, October 10, 2013

Disabling Dynamics CRM 2013 Quick Tour

CRM 2013 displays a 'Quick Tour' page whenever it is opened.

One of my friend does not wanted this option to be ever shown. We tried to use the option "Dont show me this again" check box, but it didn't help much, and later we found that this information is stored in browser cookie and not in database. 

After having a look at code on \CRMWeb\forms\navtour\dlg_navtour.aspx page we concluded that there no option available to set globally for the organization via system settings or user settings.

Finally we decided to have a look at registry options and identified that it can make the trick with the keyword 'DisableNavTour'

Below are are the steps to be performed to disable 'Quick Tour' option for all on-premise users.

  1. Open Registry.
  3. Create a DWORD 32-bit Value named as 'DisableNavTour'.
  4. Set its value as '1'.
  5. Close Registry.
  6. Delete 'Cookies and Website Data' from IE Internet Options.

Luckily On-Premise has this option to disable 'Quick Tour'. Sorry On-line folks, its still a question mark for you.. 


  1. Is this supposed to work while browsing InPrivate mode? I followed the steps and it didn't work, but i don't know if it's supposed to in private mode.

  2. I think I missed the fact that this is supposed to be done at the server level....