Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Track in CRM does not work for emails with default settings in new Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online organizations


When you click Track in CRM on an email within Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 for Microsoft Office Outlook, the email is not tracked in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This occurs on a new Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online organization with the Fall '13 Service Update


By default the Process Email Using option within System Settings is set to Server-Side Synchronization. Also the default Incoming Email and Outgoing Email settings for all mailboxes are set to Server-Side Synchronization or Email Router.

When a mailbox is set to use Server-Side Synchronization or Email Router and the Process Email Using setting is set to Server-Side Synchronization, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 for Microsoft Office Outlook relies on the Server-Side Synchronization process to track the item in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The Server-Side Synchronization feature is not currently supported with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. This causes the Track in CRM action on your Outlook emails to fail with this combination of settings.

Microsoft had release a KB article which has the resolution step in detail.


  1. Hi Vinoth,

    My client just upgraded to CRM 2013 Online last night. I'm finding that I can track Incoming Emails just fine. However, when I track Outgoing Emails, the "Regarding" on the Email gets cleared out after some time. So, my Emails are being tracked, but not to a particular record.



  2. Hi Phong

    This can occur due to insufficient digits in 'Tracking Token'. Can you check whether 'Use Tracking Token' option is enabled in 'System Settings' email tab ? Also you may need to check "Number of digits for user numbers" value and set it to desired number of digits as per your requirement.

    Thanks & Regards

  3. Hi Vinoth, OT i'm afraid but do you know if the 2011 email router can send emails with the set regarding specified? My current set up can send emails but is using the SMTP set up rather than the Exchange web service. The emails created do have set regarding specified in crm but that doesn't display in outlook.