Wednesday, November 27, 2013

ConsumeContainerWhitespace : Remove blank space at the end (last page) of SSRS report

Implementing Grouping and Paging in SSRS reports is fairly a common task for all developers. While developing we all hit across the common question of how to remove blank space at the displayed at the end or on the last page of SSRS report ?

The answer is set ConsumeContainerWhitespace report property as True'. You can right click anywhere outside the report body, i.e. on the yellow area in the report designer and select properties to find the property. 

ConsumeContainerWhitespace : Property that gets or sets a value that indicates whether all whitespace in containers, such as Body and Rectangle, should be consumed when contents grow instead of preserving the minimum white space between the contents and the container.

NoteConsumeContainerWhitespace removes only white space to the right of and below the contents.

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