Sunday, December 15, 2013

CRM SDK Update V6.0.2

Microsoft Dynamics CRM SDK Version SDK Version 6.0.2 is now live on MSDN downloads. 

Here’s some of the additions and updates you’ll find in this release:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 User Interface Integration package is available for download with the SDK.
User Interface Integration (UII) for Microsoft Dynamics CRM uses the features of Dynamics CRM to deliver composite applications that share a common user interface. UII includes development and run-time components. Applications built with UII can provide unified access to customer information spread across different systems, and can aggregate different modes of customer interactions or channels. Unlike expensive, rip and replace approaches or risky investments on custom development, UII provides non-intrusive integration with existing systems.
- MicrosoftDynamicsCRM2013UII.exe is available as a separate download with the SDK download.

·      Handle exceptions in your code
Added information about how to view the details of an exception that are hidden from the user because of insufficient permissions.

·      Organization entity attributes
Added topic listing all the attributes that can be set for an organization.

·      Sample: Set and retrieve entity images
New sample to show how to work with entity images.

·      Xrm.Page.ui control (client-side reference)
Added information about a new parameter in the setNotification and clearNotification methods. The uniqueId parameter allows you to clear a specific notification set on a field, based on the uniqueId value used when the notification was set.

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