Wednesday, June 11, 2014

CRM Posts (Social Panel) : URL Addressable Elements

Ever wanted to view\embed Social Posts associated to any CRM record in a separate page ? 

Well, you can do it. Here you go !!!.

CRM record's social panel post frame is also URL addressable elements. You can directly invoke, view and embed it in your custom application so that users can view information and perform actions without switching applications.

With below URL will display the record’s social panel of an account record.

Below are the parameter details.

Parameter Values  Mandatory\Optional ?
  HideUserProfile  0 or 1 (Option to show\hide 'Follow' option) Optional
  ID Record's GUID (accountid, contactid, etc..) Mandatory
  Type  Object Type Code (e.g. 1 for account, 2 for contact, etc..) Mandatory
  TypeName  Entity Type Name (e.g. account, contact, etc..) Mandatory
  OrgLcid  Organization Language code (e.g. 1033) Optional
  UserLcid  Users Language code (e.g. 1033) Optional

* All parameters are case sensitive. Make sure to use all parameters in lowercase as shown in the above URL.

Below is the snippet of the Posts panel of an account record directly accessed via URL.

Happy hacking !!!.

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